Alan W George – Lover Alabama

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I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina on the first day of the last month of 1968.   My parents where divorced around the time I was 2 years of age and I spent my formative years with my paternal grand parents in the 2 stoplight town of Coats, North Carolina.   At the age of 10 years, I went to live with my father in Nashville, Tennessee.   There I attended high school and despite my best efforts to the contrary, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Tennessee.   GO VOLS!   In 1996 I moved from Nashville to San Francisco, California looking for a change, something different.   I found it.     After 10 plus years of culture shock, it’s starting to feel like home.
As to my relationship with photography, I didn’t really have one of those moments with dad in the darkroom seeing the image magically appearing in the developing tray like you find so common on photographer’s bios. Or the life changing gift of a Kodak Brownie from grandpa.   I am not a frustrated painter or musician.   Up until around 2003, photography was to me what it is for most people, a mechanism for recording life’s “important” moments.   Memory triggering devices that will later remind us of the relentless inevitability of time.   I am not quite sure how but somewhere along the way, photography has become a central part of my life.   Photography for me is a way of exploring the world.   It’s the process of searching, selecting and examining something that would otherwise go unnoticed.   Through this process, I feel more conscious, more aware, more engaged, more alive.   Plus, as Mr. Winogrand put so succinctly , I just like to see what things look like as photographs.