Creative studio of LSD part 2

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LSD-Photo Advertising Studio is comprised of Marco and Paolo. They are photographers who compose, shoot and post-produce all of their images together. For over ten years, they have been creating images from start to finish. Marco and Paolo have different backgrounds of experience: Paolo started as an illustrator then a photographer, and now he’s at Marco’s side and in his head throughout shooting. In turn, Paolo does all the post-production with Marco in his head and at his side. Marco has always worked as photographer.

LSD loves to continuously confront one another to exchange ideas and opinions so they can create the best imaginable image from not one but two creative minds. During the shoot they give a lot of care to the photographic elements and compositions so when they arrive in post-production they have an ample supply of elements to create images with realism and a touch of romanticism. They always work with digital cameras at a very high resolution, and are cabled to a computer monitor allowing for immediate preview of what they are shooting. They shoot in sessions with short breaks in order to compare their thoughts with the Art Director’s. LSD’s preferred way of working is to collaborate in unison with the agency every step of the way to ensure every need is more than fulfilled.