Mario Sánchez Nevado

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Mario Sánchez Nevado, also known as Aégis, is a self-taught illustrator, photographer, writer, video producer and musician based in Murcia, Spain.

Starting a classical formation in Fine Arts at the UMU (2002-2008), he started painting in traditional medias and later on he moved to digital techniques such photomanipulation, vectors and digital painting and also photography. Actually he mixes all these techniques along with analog painting for creating his own mark which travels from the surreal and oniric to the grotesque and obscure. His narrative goes grom the dialogue to the inner self, to pure core social criticism and conceptual work. Most of his visual work is inspired by his own texts that are also used as lyrics of some of his songs.

Aégis has been featured in TV, internet and press worlwide, including Nosólomúsica, The Art Book, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Albedo One, SF Holland Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Arte y Diseño, Deviantart, Phirebrush, RedBubble, 2Edged magazine, UCE Life Magazine andmany more. He has also won many international and regional contests like the Many Sided Artist Contest and La Verdad’s II Premios Web. He has done exhibitions in the Luidwing Foundation (Cuba) Cuartel de Artillería, Puertas de Castilla, Creajoven (Spain) … and actually he’s developing full-lenght projects though out for space exposition and sense reaction. Within his list of clients, The autonomy Within, Ashent, Def Tactical, Cold Fuzion & more. Actually his work is represented by Shannon Associates.

He has also collaborated with other artists and actors such as Andrés G. Fonseca, Natalia Martínez, Oana Cambrea, Victor Murillo or Alba Navas.