Banhup Teh

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I was born and bred in the tin mining town of Ipoh and have since moved south to Shah Alam, the capital city of Selangor(Malaysia).

I started digital SLR photography by chance in early 2006 when my eldest daughter asked for my Point and Shoot Fuji. Before that it was always shoot in jpegs and printed out of camera routine. I was never introduced to the world of post-processing then.

When she “hijacked” my camera I went to my regular shop to get a replacement, and to my amazement I could actually get a Nikon D50 at a price cheaper than what I paid for my Fuji. Somehow that purchase prompted me to explore more which included learning the power ofPhotoshop. One month down the road I traded in my D50 for a D200and the rest is history.

I do not have any formal training and what I know now is through regular practice and assimilating pieces of advice from friends with similar interest. Basically trial and error and each time trying to improve on the previous effort.