Steve Giovinco

16.11.2011 in15:17 in Art, Design -->

Photographer, Steve Giovinco is about to have a very busy summer.
He has work in four group shows in New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia featuring images from projects
that (partially) re-enact moments between Steve and his wife. About Time open on June 3rd and runs through
July 16th at the Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery in New York, Portrayal opens June 10 and runs through July 31st
at the Lohi Geduld Gallery in New York, Photography is on exhibition at The Print Center in Philadelphia
through July 24th, and finally, Mixology ll: Photography is on display at the curator's office in Washington,
DC from July 9th-24th.

Steve earned his MFA in photography from Yale University in 1989 and has exhibited widely in museums and
galleries around the country. He photographs intimate and emotional relations between couples,
and has always been interested in exploring psychological private moments.