Dave Nitsche

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American conceptual photographer Dave Nitsche.

In 2002 Dave bought a camera to shoot some family stuffs. One wintry day he decided to go into his basement and try shooting some studio stuff. For the next threeyears all he did, aside from work, was shoot. He’d spend 40-60 hours a week in his basement clicking away. During that time the art world started noticing. He had his first solo show after shooting for only 18 months. Eventually through this process he found his own voice. Shooting human subjects was never his intention. He wanted to find a way to bring out human emotions in inanimate objects. After all these years he is still growing and looking for ways to inject emotion into images.

Dave’s work has been featured in over a hundred magazines world wide (Digital Photo (UK), Popular Photography (US), Unique Image (Taiwan), Digi Photo (Romania), Shutterbug (US), Popular Photography (China), Australian Photographer(AU) magazines to mention just a few), he’s had shows around the globe and is considered a fresh voice in photography. His images are immediately identifiable and in the abundant world of art photography these days, that’s pretty amazing.