Martinez Christophe

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After eight years as an elementary school teacher nurturing the creative spirits of grades 2 & 3, Chris turned toward the pursuit of his own expressive endeavors. He began by attending Platt Graphics College in San Francisco, CA, earning a degree in Graphic Design. It is in the combination of these experiences, as teacher and as student, that Chris has discovered his ability to share the “gift of a moment” with his audience.

Chris began his photographic career 12 years ago. When shooting with film he would often freeze-up at the shutter; having to wait 36 exposures to determine the quality of the shot and another week for development. An early digital camera changed all of this for him. The liberation of instant feedback and the ability to play with light, shadow and moments as they occurred, made all the difference in Chris’ expression of his art.

Much of Chris’ work is unique in that it isn’t always text-book imagery. Playing with focus; following subjects with a slow shutter speed; capturing moments as the world slides past; and revealing shadows and light are the basis for Chris’ photography. Moments of hidden discovery transported by a finger, seemingly without thought, arrangement or fear. Chris has several series of fine art photography that reflect these thoughts and allow an audience to relate to an image on an emotional as well as a physical level.