Francois-Regis Durand

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Last year, he was the Grand prix SFR Jeunes Talents: his “first Arles”. This year, he has returned without any other reason but the pleasure. We feature exclusively his last images on Madagascar.

“When you are a Jeunes Talents SFR , you arrive in Arles on a Wednesday morning. You are taken to the Couvent Saint-Césaire to be shown your exhibition… You hardly understand where you are and the interviews begin, cameras, and photographers… taking pictures of you! If, like me, you’ve never been here before, you are completely lost. You ask yourself what is it going on…”

François-Régis Durand is not a novice photographer, nor a “young one”. He worked over twenty years in a factory to pay for the luxury of being a photographer.
“I have a very simple way of taking pictures. I am not a journalist deep down. I don’t know how to produce a reportage. My approach is simple: I bring a bag with two cameras, two lenses (an 85 and a wide angle), two shorts, a toothbrush, aspirin, and I leave for a country. The only thing that I know how to do is to go around and meet people…”

After Arles 2010, François-Régis Durand left for Istanbul. “I needed the air. I was so taken aback after what happened in Arles… Once in Istanbul, I no longer knew how to photograph. By fall, my pictures were being exposed at “Paris-Photo”: Once again interviews, requests of every kind… A beautiful year! I made 45,000 Euros, we must talk about money. I paid my debts to the bank, bought a present for my wife, two lenses for me and enough to go to Madagascar twice. Which was what I did in April, March. Only one image is from last year, the rest is all new.”