Verner Soler

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As a teacher, it’s not often that a student comes into class fully formed as a photographer. This was the case withVerner Soler who has such a wealth of powerful images that the hardest part was figuring out what fantastic series to put in front of another. I am happy to say that Verner is being featured in this issue of Fraction Magazine in the Typologies Group Show. Some of the other portfolios featured are by Suzanne Revy, Adrienne Salinger, and Norman Mauskopf.

Verner is one of those talents with a full plate. Working full time as an art director, raising a family, it’s a wonder that he even has time to make work. But what fantastic work it is. Growing up in the mountains of Switzerland, in a world right out of Heidi or the Sound of Music, Verner thrived in a lifestyle that hasn’t changed in centuries. He left when he was a young man, and returned many years later only to be shocked by the effects of time passing and it made him more sensitive to his parent’s mortality. On his most recent journey back to Switzerland, Verner decided to document the extended family. What started as a personal documentation of his loved ones, became a fascinating portrait of genetics, family, and growing old.