Michael Seewald

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…”Seewald’s images communicate in a quiet, lyrical way. Speaking to the photographer, one feels that this is an individual so in love with his art, so in love with the world, that he’ll work for as long as he’s able to see, as long as his legs and arms will carry him.” -Photographers Forum Magazine-

Here is a statement from an advanced photographer: “…The night after the first day of Seewald’s class I was unable to sleep well, conceptualizing in my mind what had been learned, reapplying it to photos I had brought to class that day … I have not been so excited about my photography in years. Michael’s instruction would help ANY photographer improve their work, and allowed me to take “nice” photos I had, and turn them into dynamic pieces of art.

Day two: The practical application of theory is always a challenge, and that is what day two essentially involved. The greatest benefit I received was finally arriving at a realization of what a center of interest is in a piece of art, and how better to end up with the concept in a photo on purpose rather than by accident. ” Dan McGeorge, Lakeside, California Class of 3.’05. http://www.seewald.com/San_diego_digital_photography_workshops_and_courses.htm