Pierluigi Praturlon (Italian. b. 1924; d. 1999)

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Sophia Loren is pictured here with husband Carlo Ponti. Loren is poised and glamorous with her stylish hat and tailored suit jacket. The decision made by Pierluigi to capture Loren improbably travelling by bus and with her husband emphasise Loren’s roots as a working-class Southen Italian girl and her image as a devoted wife, aspects of her star persona which were loved by her Italian fans.

Pierluigi Praturlon, known as ‘Pierluigi’ was among the most famous of the classic paparazzi photographers. Pierluigi was a cultured man who spoke five languages. He quickly became personal photographer to many of the greatest stars of the day, including Sophia Loren. Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman, Elsa Martinelli and Marlon Brando are also among the stars who chose to be immortalized by the celebrated photographer.