Postcards with a message

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Postcards with a message (1980-2000)
These postcards are a visual snapshot from about 1980 until around 2000. They combine photographs, images, graphics and texts to get their message across.

The postcard format has been used as a purveyor of social and political messsages from its earliest days. When I was in England from the late 1970s until 1999 I collected issue-based postcards that addressing racial, housing, equality, trade union, political and a host of other topical issues. NGOs, publishers and single activists created issue-based cards that were often short-lived and ceased distribution as the issue waned in public interest. The Miners Strike which ripped the UK apart politically and marches from the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)” or the “Anti-Nazi League” demonstrations have morphed into other movements against the World Trade Organisation, The International Monetary Fund and other fluid groupings.