Ron Miriello

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Ron Miriello (born September 2, 1953, in Cranford, New Jersey) is an American graphic designer, sculptor and speaker. Miriello is the director of Miriello Grafico and a founding member of the San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.and recognized as an AIGA National Fellow in 2008.Miriello studied at Colorado State University and completed his design degree in Italy at La Poggerina, operated by the University of Texas. He divides his time between his graphic design warehouse (located in the Barrio Logan region of San Diego, California) and his home Casa Illuminata in Radicondoli (near Siena, Italy) where he sculpts and documents the influences and traditions of Italian craftsmen.Ron Miriello served on the Design Innovation Institute advisory board, the San Diego Center City Advisory Council, Business Roundtable for Education, Commission for Arts and Culture/San Diego, Advisory board member for the San Diego Italian Film Festival.He is also a sculptor, producing 100 sculptures all inspired by the metaphor of the world globe which culminate in the 100 World Project exhibit. The exhibit incorporated the craftspeople and makers as collaborators, reconnecting the arts with the guild tradition of the crafts.

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