Diane Ozdamar

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Diane Ozdamar born in 1985

General Artist from France.

First of all, rats make wonderful pets. They are very playful, cuddly, curious, smart, licky, they have a lot of personality. Their behaviour is very similar to dogs’ behavior and they are as clean as cats.

They unfortunately suffer from a very unfair bad reputation.
Rats don’t carry many diseases, they actually carry way less than cats or dogs. They can be potty-trained, they can learn tricks, they are very affectionate towards their owner, you’d actually be amazed at how loving and funny they are. Once you’ve owned rats, you can never forget about how sweet and fascinating they are.
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about rats (including a paragraph about breeding although I’m firmly against people breeding their pets. Better giving informations than having people breeding their pets in bad conditions though).

Photos glamorous rats…