Tony Elieh

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Tony Elieh, 29-летний фотограф из Ливана. Большинство его работ это природные пейзажи Ливана, его побережья, места, связанные с древней историей этой страны.

Tony Elieh, a talented young photographer, born in Beirut-Lebanon on February 1979. He has accomplished his studies in Marketing, but he was more artistic oriented. He is one of Scrambled Eggs founders, a Lebanese post punk band, and bass player. He started photography five years ago. Most of his Photo shots are landscapes, waterscapes & cityscapes in which he tries to merge reality and fiction altogether. Tony has diversity in his pictures for he is influenced by Beirut changing mood. Sometimes his pictures come out in Black & White, while other times they are full of colors. His pictures draw the dilemma of the city.