Autumn story- Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg

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Before I became high tech I used to chalk on a blackboard. Imagine it. All that dust.Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber have gone back to basics in their music video for Australian compatriots, Firekites. Autumn Story from the band’s debut album, The Bowery, uses a series of blackboards and approaching 2000individual drawings to illustrate the gently melodic track. I often write that a style of animation suits the music. Well it is true here with a gently acoustic track mirrored by birds flying or cat jumping from one to another of a succession of blackboards, the chalk marks from previous frames creating an echo of images that tracks the flight or movement beautifully. When the creature reaches the end of the board it transfers to another in a simple but clever effect shown in the screenshot. I like the variety of the boards and the clean aesthetic room in which the piece is filmed, the white walls and beige floor a foil for chalky images. Then a revelation as the camera pans out and we see the set in its entirety. Six months’ effort for the animators but mission well and truly accomplished: very nice work and a good sound to boot.

Замечательный трек с дебютного альбома Firekites и очень интересная видео - работа Люсинда Шрайбер и Янни Кроненберг «Осенняя история».Анимация мелом на доске, ностальгическая и легкая, она не смогла оставить меня равнодушной.Работа над видео заняла 6 месяцев, 4 из них на съемочной площадке, которая выглядела вот так:

Autumn story…

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