Magdalena Bors – The Seventh Day

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I am a Melbourne based photographic artist, whose practice to date has predominantly explored the idea of the sublime in the everyday. I have done this by constructing then photographing fantastical landscapes made from everyday objects found in domestic spaces

My most recent series of photographs The Seventh Day takes this concept a step further, exploring the psychology of obsession, compulsion and creative mania. While these new images still have a strong sense of the sublime, they reveal an underlying tension. In The Seventh Day, the characters are overtaken by a seemingly uncontrollable desire to create incredibly complex scenes from materials found in the domestic realm. The processes undertaken to create the landscapes are extremely labour intensive and involve repetitive, painstaking tasks.

The images show the protagonists in moments of calm reflection following their manic states of creation. While the resulting landscapes are rich in detail, craftsmanship and beauty, they serve no apparent purpose to their creators, revealing a sad futility to their monstrous efforts.