Mark Menjivar* – Valle Nuevo

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Mark Menjivar (b. 1980) lives in San Antonio, TX.

Architectural & Public Art Photography:

Valle Nuevo is series of photographs documenting a small farming community in El Salvador that spent eight years in a refugee camp during the 1980s.Some have said that civil wars are the worse kind. They pit family against family—brother against brother.For twelve years, El salvador was engaged in a bloody civil war that at its end, saw about 75,000 dead. Thousands lost their homes and fled the violence to refugee camps in neighboring countries.The 172 families that now live in Valle Nuevo met in a large camp in Honduras where they struggled to survive.In 1989, while fighting was still underway in El Salvador, several groups left the refugee camps to return.  The residents of Valle Nuevo were one of these groups.  One person told me they returned because they felt that if they were going to die, they wanted to at least do so in their own land.When the war ended in 1992, several groups from around the world began to build relationships with the community and eventually helped them purchase over 500 acres of land which was shared among the families to farm again.