Charles le Brigand

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My name is Stéphane Missier alias Charles le Brigand (or / and Carlito Brigante). I am a Brooklyn based urban photographer and filmmaker. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, I capture the raw New York, the one I like to call “RottenbutBeautiful”.

My work has been shown and screened in New York (at the Museo del Barrio in Harlem and at the 2010 Red Hook Film Festival in Brooklyn), in Los Angeles (at Bergamot Station) and auctioned at TJ Martell’s in Santa Monica.

I update my flickr stream quite often, so take a look at it if you want to see my latest work.

If you want to buy a print, a tee or ask me a question, drop me a line at
You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook and on Laid Back Radio.

Summer in the city…..