Richard Baker

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Richard Baker combines 35 years of experience as a people/location photographer and art director in national advertising agencies. With this background and creative talent, he offers solid, insightful reflections of his clients’ images and services.

His artistry in photographing the realness of real people and the intrinsic beauty of diverse locations across America comes from his ability to visually tell a story that captures the interest of the viewer. To every project he brings his whole heart. Richard loves what he does, and his work shows it.
Richard Baker started his career in art at the age of three by drawing ‘murals’ on the walls at home. Winning art contests throughout his school years in Cleveland, led him to pursue a formal career in the arts. He graduated from The Cooper School of Art.

Working as an art director for Young & Rubicam, Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove and Wyse Advertising, Richard has created award winning ads for Sony, Chevron, Gulf Oil, Texas Commerce Bank, Heublein Foods, Sun Maid Raisins and many others. In the art directing process, he learned firsthand the techniques from some of the world’s top photographers and began incorporating those insights into his own conceptual photography. Those creative years of experience are reflected into what he brings to the job.

Richard continues to pursue his best of both worlds, photography and advertising. In photography, his experience as an art director helps him interpret another art director’s photographic ideas. In advertising, his photography background helps him conceive ideas that work well visually.