David Stewart

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“Me. Me. Me. Some autobiographies feel like an exercise in psychopathic egomania. Not so David Stewart’s My Big One. This wonderful book is a triumph of natural talent over narcissism. Stewart cleverly subverts the genre by presenting his life in the form of a beautifully produced limited edition book comprising 41 full color images from his photographic portfolio. This innovative format enables the man behind the lens to really come out: ultimately, his honest, unselfconscious approach is as refreshing as it is moving.” — Taken from one of David’s hilarious, slightly bizarre mailers. (Want one? Give us a call).

Along with all the wonderful advertising photography David has done over the years, he has also developed two fine art series. The most recent ‘Fogeys’ was three years in the making (see menu bar at left for the complete collection). Using his post-modernist vision, and his characteristic English humor, “the golden years” are portrayed with a child’s innocence and an adult’s irreverence. A limited edition of David’s ‘Fogeys’ book is available for purchase through Monaco Reps. His 3 feet by 4 feet prints are also available through Monaco Reps. David’s first collection ‘Cabbage’ was developed around a short film he made of the same name. ‘Cabbage’ won Best Experimental Film at the Houston International Film Festival and was nominated for a BAFTA (Britain’s equivalent of the Oscar). He is currently working on a new collection titled ‘Relationships’.

Born in Lancaster, England David Stewart calls London his home. The recipient of numerous awards, David’s influence can be felt throughout the British ad world. He also directs TV. See some of David’s commericals in our TV Branded Content section.