Michel Tcherevkoff

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French born artist photographer Michel Tcherevkoff, a continuing innovator and maverick in visual imaging, redefined advertising photography in the 1970s with vivid colors that described clients’ products in gravity defying geometric spaces.

Creating visual campaigns for clients including: Prescriptives, L’Oréal, and Coca Cola, he developed a signature style – “reality with a twist”.

In 2007, Michel’s first virtual accessory collection was featured in his book, Shoe Fleur, A Footwear Fantasy, Introduction by Diane von Furstenberg, Preface by Ferruccio Ferragamo Published for Random House.

Michel is the recipient of 23 international awards for creative imagery in 2008, with gallery and museum exhibitions world wide. Michel’s popular seminar / workshop “Reality with a Twist: Living Your Life in Technicolor” takes students on a creative journey. Michel is a Canon Explorer of Light and Print Master.

His new book, set to be published in Spring 2011, A Secret Garden: A Lady’s Lingerie Fantasy, is a virtual collection of lingerie crafted and created from fresh flowers that expresses the sensual fantasies of today’s woman.