Tina Cassati*

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The artist, Tina Cassati, makes costume, ruffs, hats-, bags- and shoes objects (Salone di Pessa- Recycling Couture Art) into modern surreale photo worlds.

Tina Cassati is very inspired of historical and particularly of Elizabethan costumes, eastern clothes, fairy tale, folklore as well as from the picture language of the Renaissance. The love for costume and before all to the theatre affects its work much. The fusion of philosophy, symbolism and different rituals from the past and the present as well as stories inspire the work of Tina Cassati, paired the whole with visions of the future. The result is provokant usually, permits only uncompromising enthusiasm or frightening.

The project of Tina Cassati: ” LES of COSTUMES GROTESQUES” is an homage to the Fashionartist Elsa Schiaparelli. This was and remains the bird of paradise under that Paris Couturiers. Elsa Schiaparelli, friend of the Surrealisten and Dadaisten and even designer of wondrous works of art from material, imagination and inspiration to surprise loved it to shock, in being astonished to shift. It brought the Surrealismus and the Dadaismus into the fashion.


Тина Кассати – одна из самых известных современных фото-художников Берлина.