Vladimir Cesler

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Vladimir Yakovlevich Cesler (Uladzímir Yakaўlevich Tsesler) (born in 1951 in Slutsk, Belarus) – Belarusian artist and designer. Lives and works in Minsk
Areas of work: a poster, painting, drawing, sculpture, object art events, industrial design, typography, advertising, etc.
He graduated in 1980 BGTHI design department – Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute in Minsk (now Belarus State Academy of Arts).
Since 1978, he worked with Sergei Voichenko. Tandem acquired an international reputation especially in poster (more than 30 awards at international competitions and biennial). Gained wide popularity, “Project of the Century. 12 of XX “B. and S. Tsesler Voichenko in which the twelve most significant artists of the XX century, were represented in the form of eggs. The project was exhibited in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin in Moscow (1999-2000), the Ludwig Museum in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (2000), at the Venice Biennale (2005).

Since 2010, has been actively involved in the development of Russian-Belarusian project city car – the E-mobile.