Alessandra Petlin

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Alessandra Petlin’s unique style of portraiture reflects her deep  knowledge of art history and her love of modern cinema. She is both director and cinematographer in one artist. Alessandra’s talent for revealing the particular humanity of each  of her subjects and the striking intimacy that characterizes her work is grounded  in her empathy and  ability to establish a strong connection  of trust with every person she  photographs.

Alessandra was born is Paris and raised in New York City. After many paths she finally found her passion in photography and attended   Art Center in Pasadena, CA.  After graduating she returned to New York and was quickly named one  of PDN’s 30 emerging artists.  Alessandra’s work has been featured  in The New York Times Magazine, New York magazine, Esquire, GQ, Marie Claire and Wired. She has won numerous awards from American Photography, Communication Arts and SPD.