Peter Fischli David Weiss

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Since 1979 Peter Fischli and David Weiss have been collaborating on a body of work that combines, rearranges, or otherwise manipulates their daily experiences into something new and unexpected. Executed in a variety of media, including sculpture, film, and photography, their work playfully ignores the distinction between high and low art. The duo is perhaps best known for the 1987 filmThe Way Things Go, in which an improbable, Rube Goldberg–esque chain of events unfolds involving household objects and detritus in their studio.

Fischli and Weiss won the Golden Lion prize at the 2003 Venice Biennale for Questions, an installation of over 1,000 photographic slides of handwritten existential questions the artists had collected over many years. A retrospective of their work was held at Tate Modern, London in 2006, and traveled to the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. The two artists live and work in Zürich.