Japanese Tattoo by Hayley Hayes

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Hayley was born in Hayes Middlesex back in 1979 into a both artistic and musicaly creative family.
Hayley studied photography at art college but left the course to earn herself some money and go travelling. After taking in Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonessia, parts of North and South America she settled in… Slough!
In her own words she wanted to spend all day doing what she enjoyed most, drawing. Not wanting to go back to education but equally not wanting to compromise she was struck one day by the idea of becoming a tattoo artist.
At the age of 21 Hayley started learning the craft with Diva at Stigma Tattoo studio in North Cheam, Surrey.
After a while she moved on to work with Glyn Foster at World of Tattoos, Ruislip before moving onto work at various studios in and around London
For Hayley the ultimate tattoo has allways been the full Japanese Body Suit tattoo and it was when at Aylesbury she became able to really start to hone her skills.
Now that she has started her own studio she’s able to concentrate on what she does best, large, custom tattoos particualy in the Japanese stlye as it lends itself perfectly to large coverage.