Anna Bodnar

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Anna Bodnar was born in Poland on May 9, 1982.Anna’s artworks are devoid of pathos and edification. They are like a soft whisper or a quiet melody which are possible to hear even amidst a most noisy crowd. That soft sound is full of strong feelings that penetrate your soul deeper than the loudest scream and remain in your soul for a very long time…
She often photographs a nude body, because by means of nudity she believes it is possible to convey the human soul. The body can say about a person no less than his face, unless of course the body is represented vulgarly. In her artworks, she mostly demonstrates her own body because the absence of an intermediary between the photographer and the model eliminates the risk of misunderstanding.
Anna doesn’t give names to her artworks, because she doesn’t want to impose her interpretation on the spectator. Having left the artwork without a name, she gives it an opportunity to live its own life, which is limited only by the imagination of the spectator..
Today, Anna is a well known artist in Poland and around the world. She participated on over 30 photo-art exhibitions, 13 of which were solo exhibitions, and she is constantly being published in various photography and fine-art magazines.