Dina Bova

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I was born in Moscow at 1977 and came to Israel with my parents when I was 13 years old. Since then, Israel in my home, which I love and respect.
I love this young country because of it’s diversity, resourcefulness and innovation, temperamental people, beautiful nature, ancient history and art.

I am an artist and I believe in friendship through art. I believe that art is a universal language, which unites people from different cultures around the world.
For me, art is the shortest way from heart to heart…

My art is a world of allegories, metaphors and multifaceted associations. This world is sometimes absurd and paradoxical, sometimes strange and surreal, but this world is a reflection of my true feelings. In this world, different emotions coexist side by side: irony, fear, joy, pain, sometimes even madness and despair, but there’s always a presence of hope and there’s never hatred.  I don’t like to impose my point of view on the spectator. I only slightly open a door to a wonderland, where everyone can find something of his own.

For me, art is something that appeals to our senses and emotions, and not to our intellect and instincts. My artworks are addressed not to reason, but to the spectators’ feelings.  My language is the language of intuitive characters and metaphors.  I try to avoid flat and primitive clichés, which appeal to our basic instincts, such as sex, fear or disgust. Perhaps this is why various spectators interpret my works differently, according to their own perception of the world. This is exactly what I am after.

Recently, I find a lot of inspiration in Biblical stories from the books of Genesis and Ecclesiastes. What inspires me is its mystics and philosophy of life. In my artworks I improvise on these stories, not in an illustrative way, but emphasizing on philosophical aspects.

I think that it’s not important how an artist creates his work. It can be created with any tool and any medium, but it should speak for itself and convey a very special mood. It should need no explanation, no elaboration and no apologies. It can be very aesthetic or the opposite of it. The most important thing – is freeing the imagination, so “the sky is the limit”…