Oleg Dou

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Born in 1982 in Moscow.

Oleg Dou’s work develops and pushes to the limit the idea of the human body as an object of subversion, distortion and other mutations that undermine their integrity.In an interview with Zoom Magazine, the young photographer said: “I have a passion for a human face. I use artificial nature of a digital photography as a tool to reach the point between opposites such as alive and dead, attractive and disturbing, beautiful and ugly.”

Oleg Dou uses digital photography to portray fictional characters and inquire about the concepts of beauty, perfection and innocence. His images, which refer to the video game universe, kitsch or fashion, are disturbing and calming at the same time, undoubtedly sick but peculiarly youthful and alive. With his extremely careful work, Dou encourages these ambivalent emotions, seeking to agitate the viewer’s sense of what is a normal appearance

Московский фотохудожник Олег Доу (Oleg Dou) из любого ребенка может сделать мышку, обезьянку, поросенка, олененка или зайчика. Фотографии человеческих детенышей, похожих на зверенышей, представлены на персональной выставке фотохудожника под названием «Cubs», которая недавно открылась в галерее Galeria Senda в Барселоне.