Mariano Villalba

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I was born the 2nd of April in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Self-taugth photographer and digital artist, I started to have interest in photography when I was 16 and I began to experiment whit digital techniques in Adobe Photoshop when I was 25.

I love manipulating images in order to create a surrealist stile and I am totally convinced that Adobe Photoshop is the most wonderful tool invented to reach that results.

Nowadays, I compete in the most important national and international photo contest such as Spain, Austria, France, EEUU, Poland and Argentina; and I have received many awards and acceptance all over the world.

I have made photos for CD’s covers and I also have had numerous publications in many photography magazines and catalogues, and I have participated in world fairs in Europe and Argentina.

My works was created with Adobe Photoshop cs2 I used plugins and art paintbrushes in order to achieve a more surrealist stile. In addition, I used different color layers so as to join all the shades of the photo equally.