Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

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Spanish. Born in 1958 in Madrid where he presently lives.

A scientist by training and a lover of photography, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto has managed to combine his two passions to become one of the most aware, demanding and subtle photographers in Europe.

After resurrecting the work of thirties portrait photographer, Martin Chambi, by creating prints from glass plates in Cuzco, Prieto developed a passion for Peru. Ten years later, he crossed the country on a “journey to the sun,” where he finely and artistically portrayed his tenderness for the people, the beauty of the landscape, his curiosity for an often unspoiled culture, and the poverty accompanying this condition.

He then grouped together a collection of strange 20-year-old images he had taken of bare landscapes and still lives to explore photography’s limits and better understand light. The resulting effect was a tension between fiction and representation. He has also recently worked with colour by using the highly personal tonality of Ethiopia and India to create visions that are both mental and based upon a troubling realism, a form of travel, between dream and materiality, like on the delicacy of impossible shades.