Ernestine Ruben

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Эрнестина Рубен известна во всем мире как фотограф и педагог, автор многочисленных фотографических книг. Ее темы —предмет древней еврейской магии: живое как мертвое и мертвое как живое. Среди непосредственно сюжетов ее фотографий — обнаженная натура, выглядящая трупно и мрамор, свет, тени, вода, тело, воздух и что-то ещё.

Рубен преподавала искусство в Детройтском институте искусств, а также в школах штатов Мичиган, Нью-Йорк и Нью Джерси.


Ernestine Ruben is internationally known through extensive exhibitions, books, and workshops. Her work is included in many major museums and private collections. Most of her life has been focused on art: growing up with it, studying history of art and working in sculpture. She has photographed the human body for years and now applies her love of life and human spirit to landscapes and architecture. Petra (Jordan) and Rodin are strong interests as they deal with issues of life and death. Ruben continues to experiment with diverse concepts and techniques as they relate to photography.

Ernestine Ruben