Piet Flour

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Afther a long career as sportsteacher I became main provincial responsable for the schoolsports. Since 2 years I’m retired, and at last I have time to express myself in other directions too. I’m stil active sportsman with tennnis and mountainbike. It would become time I understand my body isn’t young enough to participate to the olympics, but maybee, in some years this understanding will come when I’ve destroyed the last muscle & tendon? I started with photography 2 years ago, when I retired. Besides photography, I love my wife, my familylife, enjoying the good times in life, fine food & wine, books, travel, learning, making fun. Participating in forums on internet is something new for me, and it amazes me how easy it is to share & enjoy with totaly unknown people from all over the world … great! Thanks for sharing this precious moments of creativity in search of beauty.