Philippe Kerlo

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Through each of his photographic adventures, Philippe Kerlo takes us on a journey inside the mystery of women…

… He seeks their unconscious in his series on psychoanalysis;

… He uncovers their wounds inspired by Gainsbourg’s words “bruises are the most beautiful jewels”;

… He shows their nude vulnerability in an art class setting.

Each of Philippe’s series tells a story of its own, whether it is the birth of a kiss, the fall of a medieval army, or the birth of an angel…

Philippe’s images shed light on his models whilst respecting the intimacy.

Elegance and sensuality are the essence of his photographic quest.


1977: Born in Paris…
1998-2001:Photographer Assistant for William Laxton,and many other photographers
2001: Graduate from a communication degree and first editorial as photographer in French Vogue…
2006: Exhibition from the serie “les bleus”,at Bellevilloise, Paris
2007: Exhibition from the serie “psyshow”, Spain
2008: A retrospective exhibition, Spain
2010: Coming soon in next november exhibition at the “Grand Palais”