Ted Humble-Smith

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Ted Humble-Smith discovered his love of photography with an Olympus OM10 given to him by his
parents as a 16th birthday present. After many hours fascinated by the appearance of black and
white images in the developing tray and attempting to hand in all his homework as photographs he
moved on to Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design.

Humble-Smith’s career began in an entirely different arena from the work he produces today. For the
past five years he has concentrated solely on the production of beautifully crafted still lifes. Before
this however, he could be found at the top of mountains or in the middle of deserts shooting for
clients such as Chrysler, Jeep, Hugo Boss, and for a period of five years, involving trips to Bosnia,
Kenya and Iraq, for the British Army.

Today you will find Humble-Smith in his London studio with a blank canvas at the ready. One of his
great joys is that you start from nothing, the studio is empty, the challenge is to create an
environment that evokes a response within the viewer. By using light to shape and form ordinary
objects he transforms still lifes into extraordinary sculptures, opening the eye of the viewer to see
and appreciate what would normally pass by unobserved. “If we can freeze that moment and capture
all the detail, the subtleties of light and colour, you have the potential to show the viewer a whole
new world.” This is best shown in the series on bubbles, many of these remarkable creations only
existed for a matter of seconds, yet once frozen the majesty of these creations becomes apparent.

The attention to detail, exquisite lighting and determination has led to many productive and loyal
client relationships over the years, along with awards from The AOP, Communication Arts, Creative
Review and the Jasmine Awards.