Thomas Herbrich

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Bio: As a photographer I am not interested in reality the way a photojournalist is. I prefer to take photographs more or less the same way a painter paints pictures, with a camera and a lot of classic and digital techniques. My visual enlightenment came when I saw Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey. The overwhelming beauty and mysterious allure of this film really threw me off balance; I believe it has influenced every picture I’ve done since that day. For a while my goal in life was to create special effects in movies. I love to do spectacular scenes. In fact I made the special effects for Roland Emmerichs first film. However, I realized fairly soon that I would never be more than a small cog in the huge film industry as a photographer it is far easier to imprint your own style on a project. My studio is unique in having its own high-end models-shop, photo-archive with lots of special-effects (and all the other material like landscapes, skies and so on) and a high-end postproduction. I am one of the pioneers in digital photography and postproduction. I work for advertising agencies and magazines worldwide. My mantra is: “Surprise yourself and your audience!”