Thom Brommerich

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Someone once said, “With all our exploring, we’ll arrive at the place where we once started and see that place for the first time.”I started my career 40 years ago while I was in the US Army. Having access to the base darkroom, I soon found myself spending most of my free time there.  After my tour I earned my degree in fine art and went on to attend the world famous Glen Fishback School of Photography. I then entered the world of commercial photography. As a sideline I made images of flowers that I put on consignment in various gift stores in Northern California. As my commercial work grew I had to stop the consignment business but continued taking flower photos. After Glen Fishback died I was asked to teach at the school. I taught for 10 years, while still maintaining my commercial business. 

Being now in semi-retirement I decided to go back to what I started doing first, photographing nature’s beauty. The approach I use today to capture my subjects has evolved over my entire career. I try to take what a friend has dubbed, “A bee’s eye view”. My goal is to show people the inner beauty they normally miss with a casual glance.

I have arrived at the place where I once started.