Yaga Kielb

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I  love  anything  and  everything  that  is  creatively  innovative,  cool  and  pleasant  to  the  eye.  Hence   I   tend   to   judge   books  by  the  cover,  quite  literally.  And  yes,  I  buy  CD  albums  only  when  they  have  amazing  artwork.  I  like  going  to  good  looking  websites  and  experiencing  the  awesomeness  behind  great  idea  engineering.  I  always  look  for  new  inspiration,  try  to  derive  from  what’s  around  me.

I  always  felt  entertained  when  creating.  Fortunately  never  destroyed  my  parents’  walls  when  drawing.  Early  enough  I  dived  into  the  world  of  photography,  photo  collage  and  later  -  graphic  design.  I  have  completed  traditional  photography  and  art  classes  but  what  really  got  me  was  discovering  the  amazing  opportunities  of  digital  world.