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Photography of our daily lives really shines in December and it’s the perfect time to put those photos in a scrapbook.  This year I followed Ali Edwards’ December Daily.  I didn’t post about it here because I honestly wasn’t confident that I’d follow through with it.  But I just finished!

The point of December Daily is that you assemble a small day by day scrapbook for December in October or November.  Each day during December, you take a few photos, print them, journal a bit and by the last day of the month you’ll have a complete set of memories for this year’s holiday.

I assembled by December Daily long before December started and was raring to go.  And I was great about taking pictures everyday.  But I stunk at the printing and journaling.  So I did all of that work this week.  I’m very happy with the results and hope to do the same project next year.  And keep up with the printing rather than having to do lots of work at the end of the month.