Małgorzata Maj (Sarachmet)

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Some images from the photoshoot that I organized yesterday, my beautiful model’s nickname’s Nela and that’s the 2nd time we’ve met for taking images. There will be some renaissance influences, as well as theatrical & religious motives. More to come soon…

Malgorzata Maj, vel Sarachmet here, an illustrator, photographer, unsuccessful lucid dreamer and occasional costume designer, in love with dark romanticism, medievalism, PRB, symbolists , ghosts & ancient mythologies, dreams and atmospheric music… If you are interested in my works in your projects, you can contact me via Myspace, or an email ( ). For a lot more works visit my online portfolio at Sarachmet Vintage Visions ( or click the “SarachmetCoverArt banner on my profile). I’m also interested in galleries & publishers who might want to showcase my work.