Nancy Reyes

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PhotoDonuts -Hello Nancy, can you tell us more about you?
Nancy Reyes -I’m 19, live in Chicago and about to attend Columbia College of Chicago in the fall for photography. I’m completely fascinated with sexuality.

-What environment do you like for your shootings?
I prefer shooting at my apartment, friend’s places, and or model’s home so they are comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. It makes things go smoother and much more natural. Comfort is definitely a priority when it comes to shooting for me because I try to aim for shots that are natural/effortless yet sexy. Plus I get to see some pretty interesting places that have character, unlike my place which I just moved into and lacks personality (at the moment).

-A photographer or artist inspires you for your photographs?
Audrey Kawasaki hands down. All of her images inspire me. The men and woman she paints have this dreamy youthful yet « bed-room eye » look to them. The paintings can be very subtle but sexual at the same time. I always enjoyed the contrast between the youth/innocence faces and concepts, and the subtle but not-so-subtle sexuality she achieves in her paintings. Sorry, I’m terrible at explanations. I just love how sexual and forbidden her paintings are. I always keep them in mind when I shoot.

-Do you plan to make photography, your future job?
You know I honestly think photography won’t take me anywhere or make me much money. Event though I’m going to college for it, I’m gonna give it a try but I just want to be realistic. I would love for it to be a high paying job, maybe work for a magazine or a famous photographer but I just mainly shoot because I love it. I get to show people what I think is beautiful and sexy. If I got a chance to get paid for it, awesome. If not, thats fine, I’ll keep shooting.
I really wanted to go to cosmetology school though. I love doing make up and hair but my parents wouldn’t allow it. They didn’t see it as « a real college. » I just wanted a career I could potentially have and love.

-Your work focuses mainly on women. Can you tell us more about that?
My work does focus on women. I did just have a shoot with a friend, Joseph. Mainly because I thought he was very handsome but I thought they turned out great. My fans/followers weren’t too happy about them though. They’re all pervs who want to see pretty naked ladies haha. Kidding. But I wasn’t surprised. Whatever, his darling.
But, yes I focus on women. Actually more young lolita type of girls. It’s kinda a long story but I have this obsession with Lolita. It definitively influenced me and what I thought was sexually appealing. Like I said before about Audrey Kawasaki’s work, I’m fascinated by the contrast between innocence and erotica.

Thank you very much Nancy, we wish you the best.