Designer shoes, made in the shape of horses’ hooves …

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Racegoers at Cheltenham are often more interested in the fashion than the horses.

And it looks as though this year will be no exception if anyone dares to wear the latest in equestrian chic – a pair of high heel ‘horses’ hooves’ designed to mark the occasion.

The footwear, made for ladies who want to stand out on Tuesday, features an imitation hoof made from carbon fibre and up to 5,000 individual horse hairs.

Betfair, which commissioned designers to produce the knee and ankle-length zip-up hoof shoes, says they are ‘the perfect accessory for racing fans who want to stand out from the crowd’.

Proceeds from the horseshoes, launched as the Cheltenham Festival celebrates its 100th anniversary, will go to charity.

Andy Lulham of Betfair, the online betting exchange, said: ‘We wanted to celebrate the centenary of Cheltenham in style as it’s one of the most prestigious events in the horseracing calendar.’

Model Louise Dainton, 25, from Essex, posed on a turf catwalk wearing the human horse shoes.

She said:’They are really comfortable and almost make you feel like you want to get on the track and gallop down the final furlong.

‘I’m not sure they’re for everyone, but I definitely would like a pair of these hooves.’