Gian Luca Beccari

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Born in Codigoro (Ferrara) on the Po delta in 1969, he has studied painting. In 1995 he rea- lizes his first video installation, which deals with the theme of environmental changes caused by the effects of mass media. His work pass through cinema, theater, music, interactive spaces, visual arts.
Graduated at the Bologna Fine Arts Academy with a thesis concearning the relationship between body and mass media, he has studied at the Faculty of Art Media and Design in Bristol. In his work mass media are a sort of energy stream which can become material, an instrument operating at an architectural level. Interactive video-installations put on scene the relationship between video images, physical infrastuctures and audience inhabiting that place. Aesthetic choices propose as theoretical moves prior to formal building of his work; they’re meta-project choices which don’t try to solve the interruption among different expressive forms, apart from the fact they’re musical, video or performance.