Chan-hyo Bae

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Chan-Hyo Bae (1975- ) Born in Busan, South Korea.
Lady Antonia Fraser begins the epilogue of her seminal 1969 biography on Mary, Queen of Scots with that ill-fated monarchs most famous words, spoken with pleading grandeur at her trial: Remember that the theatre of the world is wider than the realm of England. This notionthat the world and also history may act as percipient, compassionate spectators to any number of unjust actssuffuses not only Frasers biographical work, notably her Marie Antoinette: The Journey (the basis of Sophia Coppolas recent film), but also any given hagiography. Fraser herself would no doubt object to this comparison, for her intention is not to sanctify but to humanizeto make the vicissitudes of power, be they Cromwells or Henry VIIIs wives, vicariously contemporary. This is no small feat, especially in light of our visual record, those official portraits that so rarely convey the flesh and blood behind the pomp.

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