Sue Anna Joe

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Sue Anna Joe was born in 1982. While growing up she was always involved with the arts; she liked to draw, write poetry, and was involved in the theater.

In 2003, she picked up her first digital camera. She started taking self-portraits and it was during this experimenting stage that she fell in love with photography. She found that photography was the perfect tool for self-expression.

No longer a mere hobby, over the years she has won:

International Photography Awards , 2009 (First Place, People: Self-Portrait pro category) + International Photography Awards, 2009 (Honorable Mention, Special Digitally Enhanced pro category)
Filem Festival Malaysia – 21 , 2008 (Best Poster Award)
Vida! Attitude Award , 2004 (Photography)

She has also been featured in some magazines, media, made television appearances and conducted workshops for photography enthusiasts. Eventhough she is a new mother, she welcomes opportunities to continue explorative work in photography.