Pierre Pellegrini, 1968

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Artist Pierre Pellegrini
Gender Male
Age 42 years old
Status Amateur photographer
City 6974 Aldesago
Country Switzerland
Permanent contest Winner of the March 2009 contest
Site http://web.ticino.com/fotografie.pierre
Influence Michael Kenna, Philippe Mougin,
Information Born on September 7, 1968, in Sorengo, Switzerland After having gone in for architectural design, I realized my dream becoming a physical education teacher. During my professional development, I applied myself to photography. For me, photography represents a wonderful mean to communicate and, at the same time, to give the viewers the chance to feel emotions. I am not quite sure if it‘s me who is looking for the themes or if it‘s the themes themselves who are looking for me. Yet, whenever such an encounter happens, a picture arises, perfectly in syntony with myself and with my personality.

Фотограф из Швейцарии. Делает очень мягкие, трогательные и нежные фото