Tom Lahat

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My first meeting with photography was during my cinema studies at a very early age, even back than I felt that my natural place is behind the lens.
I understood that photography is no different then any other language, and can be used to express almost anything.
At that time, while working as part of a team, I felt that perhaps I could express myself better alone. From there on I started working in stills photography. The ability to have full control of the entire process, right from the stage of choosing the subject, and up to choosing the correct frame, placed me right in the place that I was looking for.
The “solitude”, as expressed in shooting still photos, is a subject that accompanies me throughout my work.
I try to explore the difference between loneliness and being alone.
Many consider loneliness to be connected with sadness; however, I am looking for the serenity which is derived from it. This serenity, which I achieve through photography, is a unique touch which is shown in the images I produce.