Rocco Ancora*

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“Through Rocco’s images the essence of the wedding is warmly and sensitively conveyed. The human connection of emotion, love, intimacy and humor is captured and portrayed through the eyes of a master photographer. “.. (Peter Skinner, Rangefinder Magazine USA).

Rocco’s distinctive style is classical and romantic, his imagery is exquisitely imbued with evocative lighting and composition similar to that found in numerous wonderfully-crafted movies from the 1940s and ’50s. It’s a look and feeling that Rocco strives for. Complementing this artistry is that special ability common to all great people photographers-being able to connect with the people so they interact comfortably with the photographer and feel at ease in front of the camera. Rocco sums up this aspect of his work: “For me a good photograph has to be full of emotion, mood and atmosphere. Taking great wedding photographs isn’t about me or winning awards, it is about the people I am photographing-my clients. I like people and am genuinely interested in finding out what makes them tick. When shooting at weddings, I look for moments that make me feel good inside and these are usually the same moments that make the bride and groom feel good. We’re all made up of life experiences and by being in tune with our own, we can then be in tune with theirs. Connecting with people is easy if they feel comfortable around you. ”

Rocco Ancora’s consistent passion and excellence in hisp hotography continues to be rewarded with many accolades appointed to his name. Being awarded a prestigious accolade such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photography’s Wedding Photographer of the year once in a career is meritorious, to have received the award for the Fourth time in 2010 in a six-year span is a testimony of the highest regard in which his peers hold Rocco’s craftsmanship.

In 2010 Rocco was also awarded the Victorian Professional Photographer of the year as well as the Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year.

In addition Capture Magazine honoured Rocco as Australia’s No.1 Wedding Photographer. Rocco continues to be featured prominently in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) awards list and is celebrated both in Australia and Internationally as an educator presenting seminars at WPPI USA, UK and Europe. Rocco remains humbled and honoured by these awards and MOST of all privileged by the unique opportunity to memorialise peoples lives through artistic and timeless imagery.

In 2010 Rocco has taken on the role of Creative director with XSIGHT. With the global expansion of XSIGHT in the UK and soon in other parts of the world, the offer was too good to refuse and is “xsighted” to be part of a team of creative artists.