Anatoly Beloshchin

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Anatoly Beloshchin started martial arts at age 12.
The Chinese martial arts – Wing Chun began studying in 1987.
Received full training from SiFu Donald Mak ( Hong Kong )
Since 2004. directs the International Wing Chun Organization   in Russia and CIS countries – the largest school of Wing Chun in the territory.

Since 2009. – Vice-Chairman and co-founder of International Wing Chun Organization – IWCO. (Headquarters IWCO located in Hong Kong).

Freediving began in childhood.
At the age of 12 years, first dived to a depth of 25m. as freediver.
In 1996 to 1997. began to dive with an aqualung (scuba gear)
In 2000, became a scuba diving instructor (NAUI)
At the same time carried away by underwater photography.
In 2001. became an instructor of technical diving – TDI, NAUI-Tec
(Technical diving – deep decompression dives, diving with using multiple gas mixtures, underwater caves)
Since 2002. became Trimix Instructor-Trainer (Instructor Trainer – teaches and certifies instructors).
For today:
Trimix Instructor Trainer IANTD # 515,
Side-mount instructor IANTD # 515,
Instructor Trainer NAUI / NAUI-Tec # 38172,
Instructor TDI & SDI  # 6536,
Member of the NSS – National Speleological Society (USA)
Professionally engaged in underwater photography.
Collaborates with many magazines and TV channels in Russia and abroad.
Has awarded many prestigious international photography competitions.
Including – Golden medal’s of the International Federation of Photo Art (FIAP) and the European Union’s Photographic (ISF).
Grand Prix, the first and second place of one of the world’s largest international competitions – “Our World Underwater”
Repeatedly occupied the first place, including Grand Prix on one of Europe’s largest photo competition “Golden Dolphin”,
as well as repeatedly won first prizes at the International Competition “Silver Shark”.
Participated in many TV programs and documentaries.
The author of dozens of articles in various publications both in Russia and other countries.